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How do programs work on a computer? (Part 1/2)

Let's take a very simple program for understanding how this system works. The following example is a very basic C code that assigns 2 variables (x and y) and then adds them to generate a value 'z'.  Note: We do not output anything in this program void main() { int x = 3; int y = 4; int z = x + y; } But we have a pressing question. Computers inherently work on electronics and logic, so how does it understand and execute the program? The answer is not very simple and you have to bear with me through a tiny journey. Basic Logic Circuits Let's first begin with a very basic Circuit which implements AND logic and OR logic (skip if you are familiar)  As seen in the circuits above, for the left circuit, the LED lights up only when both switches are on. This is AND logic as "Switch 1 AND Switch 2 need to be on". In the circuit on the right, either of the switch will switch on the LED. Note that in the

Photos to Photons

Heya there, Mike here! I hope you remember me from the previous story of "Photons to Photos". If not, please read that story here . Let's continue from where we left off! So, it turns out that the owners of the DSLR wanted to revisit us. For that, they had removed our permanent place of residence, the SD card, from the DSLR and put it in their laptop. So, now it was another entity who claimed it was from another DMA controller who would take us to another RAM, this time belonging to the laptop. And so we are off again, this time to meet the owners of the DSLR. In the RAM, we saw a lot of pictures already present alongside us. And more of them were coming in. We were all being loaded into some application that would enable the DSLR Owners to see us and even change us! The first contact As soon as the application had loaded us, it sent us to a chamber called "JPEG Decompression" (remember JPEG Compression chamber from the previous story?). We were asked to hand o